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Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard
Living with the Gods. Living for the Gods. Living through the Gods.

~ Asatru-Songbook Online~

My Fulltrui is Frey the Bold          My Fulltrui is Frey the Bold MP3 (1,0 MB) please excuse the bad sound quality

My fulltrui is Frey the bold,
the Lord of land and fields.
His people say the staff he holds
is strong and never yields.

As Yggdrasil is tall and proud,
as Irminsul unending,
Frey´s staff is standing straight and stout
and never will be bending.

My fulltrui is Frey the fair,
who makes the plants to grow.
His fountain rises in the air
and brings a fertile flow.

As waterfalls from mountains pour
and geysers reach the sky,
Frey´s fountain splashes evermore
and never will run dry.

My fulltrui is Frey, the Lord
of peasants and of farms.
They say he gave away his sword,
but he has other arms.

He fights with grace and prowess,
and though his peace is steady,
for giant and for giantess
his antler´s always ready.

 © 2006 Michaela Macha – Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard – www.asatruringfrankfurt.de

- You may use our poems and songs for  your private purposes and even print it out. Please ask us before you intent to make it avalailble to a larger audience (as in rituals, the internet and so on) Just ask us and sent a mail to song@asatruringfrankfurt.de  Thank you for your understanding and for cherishing our works.

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