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Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard
Living with the Gods. Living for the Gods. Living through the Gods.

~ The Asatru-Songbook Online ~
               In cooperation with Odin´s Gift and Skaldenmet

We are the Asatru Ring

We are the Asatru Ring
of Frankfurt am Main.
Hey isn´t that a cool thing,
We´re meeting others offline.

We honor Odin and Thor,
and Frey and Freya too,
the other Aesir and Vanir
are part of the crew.

Asatru is me and he and she
And if you like, then you too are Asatru!
Asatru are we and you and they and who knows,
Perhaps are you Asatru?

We´re a circle of friends
Both near and far away,
We understand each other,
And like it that way.

We´re living far apart,
And yet we are near.
We do for you what we can,
And always are here.

Asatru are here and there and everywhere
You can find true Asatru!
Asatru will be today, tomorrow and the next year too,

 © Michaela Macha – Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard – www.asatruringfrankfurt.de

- You may use our poems and songs for your private purposes and print it out. Please ask us before you intend to make it available to a larger audience (as in rituals, the internet and so on). Just ask us and sent a mail to song@asatruringfrankfurt.de. Thank you for your understanding and for appreciating our works.

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