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Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard
Living with the Gods. Living for the Gods. Living through the Gods.

~ The Asatru-Songbook Online ~
               In cooperation with Odin´s Gift and Skaldenmet

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming full of flowers,
Freya smiles, Freya smiles.
Idun and her apples,
Idun and her apples,
All is young. All is young.

Summertime, the corn is golden,
hair of Sif, hair of Sif.
Thor is making thunder,
Thor is making thunder,
Rain pours down. Rain pours down

Autumn brings us fruits and bounty,
gifts of Frey, gifts of Frey.
Friggas hearth and fire,
Friggas hearth and fire,
Safe and warm. Safe and warm.

Wintertide has come upon us,
Skadhi skis, Skadhi skis.
Uller goes a-hunting,
Uller goes a-hunting,
Ravens cry. Ravens cry.

 © Michaela Macha – Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard – www.asatruringfrankfurt.de

- You may use our poems and songs for your private purposes and print it out. Please ask us before you intend to make it available to a larger audience (as in rituals, the internet and so on). Just ask us and send a mail to song@asatruringfrankfurt.de. Thank you for your understanding and for appreciating our works.

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