Asatru to look at and touch on the street festival

13. Leipziger Street Festival am 31.8.2013
in Frankfurt am Main

Straßenfest Leipziger Straße Frankfurt am Main - 31.8.2013

Why go public as Asatru?

The question I asked myself , as we seven built up the booth in the morning. It worked like clockwork, as if we had done this several times. 3 meter appeared to be quite small for all the stuff we had there and so some went straight back in the boxes. We had with displays, presentation folder , 6 different flyers, brochures, balloons and stickers ( Arfie the Asatrubär , Asatru Ring Midgard Asatru and with heart and hammer). It was a colorful mix .
Fast jeder, der am Stand vorbeikam warf zumindest einen Blick auf uns. Almost everyone who passed took at least a look at us . Some stopped , and looked , with some we had good talks. There were many interested people and almost all general flyers and brochures changed hands.

We had a lot of interesting questions and some discussions (most question were answered by the information material) who are the Gods , how does it feel to be Asatru. But many were already satisfied with a flyer.

Straßenfest Leipziger Straße Frankfurt am Main - 31.8.2013

The funniest impressions
and answers why you go to a Strasenfest as Asatru .

  • "Is that a yoga school?" - You can also meditate as Asatru, to approach the Gods.
  • "May the Force be with you." - Are Jedi Knights Asatru?
  • "Thor is cool, but Wolverine is cooler. " - The God Thor is much cooler than the comic book hero Wolverine.
  • "I'm an atheist ," he said this and took our Asatru flyer. - Without Words
  • "I do not want anything religious," he said this and took a bookmarks with pictures of the gods. - Without Words
  • "Is that still relevant? " - Yes, because we live with our Gods in the here and now.
  • "That's not my thing . " - Well, they have it looked at times.
  • "There is a great spirit behind all things." - If there is, then Odin has determined ever met.
  • "Is that an online computer game? " - We do have a website but our faith in the Gods is here.
  • "That's as in the Edda." - Yes, but the Edda was only the first step to approach the Gods in person.
  • A girl friend to another, as this came to her with our flyer and brochure "Have you joined them?" - We are a religious community and free of charge. The call of the Gods to follow and mutual support is an obligation for us.

Straßenfest Leipziger Straße Frankfurt am Main - 31.8.2013

It was clouded all day and 2 hours before the end a rain shower hit us. Even as we got wet and huddled under the sun umbrella we protected our stand without great losses. As it was warm we dried quite quickly. The stand besides aus disappeared within minutes and within the next hour slowly the stands around us vanished. We stayed and we will be back in the years to come.

Street festival in figures

Straßenfest Leipziger Straße Frankfurt am Main - 31.8.2013

  • 1 downpour
  • 10 hours
  • 12 Asatru at the booth
  • 20 booklets (Asatru on 30 pages)
  • 30 flyers
  • 70 tabs with images of Gods and symbols
  • 80 balloons (Arfie the Asatrubär was popular with the children, as Asatru with heart and hammer.)
  • 100 stickers
  • many interesting discussions

Thanks to all who were there and whose work made ​​it possible.

This was a review of long day with lots of surprises.