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Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard
Living with the Gods. Living for the Gods. Living through the Gods.

Frigga's Bee - Symbol of the Gods
© Michael Schütz

Around Frigga’s house one hears the humming of the bees. Dutifully then fly through the garden and collect the polls from the flowers. From the outside these flying bees look a wild turmoil.

Frigga looks deeper and she delights in the bees, as they reflect her arraying nature. She acts with circumspection; it is a guiding, to get one in the right direction. One will hear seldom a loud word pass her lips; small gestures at the proper time are her way.
In summer, the bees collect the honey in foresight for the time of winter.

Frigga enjoys connecting people, she forms social knots and cultivate cooperation. This happens in family, friendships but as well in work life and the administration of companies. In a beehive everyone has a place; one shares the work to get it done. There are different departments, who organize the various sectors of the “company” beehive.

Frigga rewards diligence and which sweeter reward can it give then honey. It is no end in itself, but rather it serves a purpose for us. One has to be moderate with the work and not to overboard with. One should with the same industriousness rest as one works.

Frigga forgets every subtlety when a border is crossed and home, family or community are endangered. As well the bees counter any threat when the hive is periled.

©Michael Schütz -  Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard - www.asatruringfrankfurt.de

- Enlightened Asatru

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