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Freya's Rose - Symbol of the Gods
© Michael Schütz

The flower of Freya is the rose. In her one finds delicate grace, but as well the harshness of the thorn. The flower is a beauty for a limited time.
When one wants to bring the love to bloom and hopes that the other feels the same way then one brings roses. When one intents to ignite the fire of love anew then one sends roses ahead. The rose is Freya’s messenger of love.

Soft Blossoms
Freya has her soft side, her caress barely noticeable but it holds the power to start an unquenchable fire. Five overlapping petals cover the secret of Freya’s passion.

Freys is very determined. She can be harsh like a thorn that gets under the skin. She is on guard and fights with passion for love.

Freya does not grant her favour to anyone. One has to earn it that her blossom turn to one. If one gives love freely one earns Freya’s gift.

Gift for a Time
Freya’s blossom is a gift for a time. This enhances their beauty as it gives it a deeper meaning for the time she is with us. It is the secret that love is a moment that makes room for the next moment of love.

Freya’s day of rejoicing
A stream of roses pours on this day over the world. Every Year in the midst of February is the first choice of flowers to gift the rose. We do not know how many loves bloom on this day, but everyone is a gift of rejoice.

©Michael Schütz -  Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard - www.asatruringfrankfurt.de

- Enlightened Asatru

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